Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Branch of an Old Tree.. Haiku

Written for Haiku Horizons...
Followed by Three Words Wednesday..

Branch of an Old Tree

Branch of a old tree
extends itself like God's hand;
blessed she walks on


Blessed she walks on
as birds peep out of their nests;
branch of an old tree


Branch of an old tree;
remains of a  kite dangle
in the summer winds..


Also for 3 WW.....  carcass, geek, slash

His Entry for 3WW

Acting like a Geek
lost in his speeding thoughts
he kills the mosquito
and slashes the carcass
with a sharp edged pencil
And then he sits and thinks
makes his fingers dance,
keying in the computer
his  entry for 3WW
and boy, doesn't he succeed...
Well, your guess
is as good as mine , may be better
only you can tell..



  1. Success I think Ramesh..and love the image of that a butterfly

  2. these are beautiful images in the first three haiku then dark and broddy in the poem well done

  3. How beautiful it is to tell stories of simple glances in nature. Who wouldn't feel blessed to hear the cheeping of chicks in a nest overhead.

  4. Writing a poem about pencil stabbing a mosquito to death is very surreal creative and humorous. Loved favourite kind of madness!

  5. beautiful cascade ! love every words !

  6. I too love the image of the kite - i can see the tail beneath blowing in the wind

  7. The poor kite -- trees don't tolerate kites in their hair, do they? ;)

  8. excellent haiku in the first part and then brilliance visible for 3ww


  9. Beautiful piece ... those branches have stories.