Friday, September 19, 2014

Unrelenting Earth - Haiku

Written for Haiku My Heart

Wilting Sunflowers

A dark piece of cloud 
comes in front of rising sun;
unrelenting earth


Unrelenting earth;
optimism gives hope to
wilting sunflowers 


Wilting sunflowers;
she stays calm  as she knows
the fate of dark cloud



  1. I can just picture your bright sunflower staying calm under the shadow of the 'dark cloud', this is a wonderful metaphor Ramesh, one to remember on dark days! x

  2. This is great Ramesh, and can be interpreted many ways. If only the worlds sad and non-peaceful places could stay as calm as the sunflowers and feel the rising sun instead of dark clouds. Love this!

  3. always the story teller. you are as strong as the tallest sunflowers and share a view from the baptism of sun and stars. always happy to see you appear in the haiku circle.

  4. Staying calm even when dark clouds seem to threaten is a sign of great inner poise.

    Cutting Winter Wood

  5. A very beautiful metaphorical piece :-)

  6. Staying calm when dark clouds threaten is an art indeed!