Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Hope Of A New Sun.. 3WW

Lethargic, Blunt, Drunk..

Hope Of A New Sun..

She was absolutely furious
and shouted, "You returned drunk
yesterday night and now
you feel too lethargic to get up
and go to work.
Let me be blunt and tell you
enough is enough..
I will not tolerate it anymore,
do you understand?"

He turned his face
and went back to sleep..
She too got engaged in daily chores..
Another day had begun
just like any other day
Same Sun had arisen
from behind the same wall..
and she keeps hoping for 
a new one, someday, one day...



  1. she can keep hoping but unless he makes changes she's stuck until she leaves

  2. she should make a move for that change to come

    Quiet Always

  3. Sometimes hoping isn't enough to catch the may need to move positions to find a brighter spot... ;)

  4. Hope things change for the better.
    True story for many...
    Nicely expressed.