Wednesday, December 3, 2014

I Just Wonder

Written for 3WW

Compact, Jubilant, Neglected

I Just Wonder

She sits in a compact space
feeling a bit neglected
among so many others
as her wide open curious 
waiting eyes look at the door
Suddenly, there's a sparkle
she is jubilant and 
takes-off to land in the extended arms 
of her working Mom 
Back at home she will wait 
for her Dad to return..
a darling fairy to whom
her parents dream to present
golden wings when she would be
ready to take a flight..
Won't she be happier with 
normal stronger wings weaved 
by the loving hands 
of her Mom by staying at home
helping her have stronger feet
to stand confidently
before taking a flight..

I just wonder...



  1. yes we wonder if they would be better off staying at home longer. well put

  2. interesting reflection .. golden wings are not always the best thing for flying.

  3. No wonder that your poem speaks to so many.

  4. Very true...a great lesson indeed for today's busy parents.