Saturday, November 7, 2015

जब साँझ ढले Gangs of Mango Trees..

Written for Haiku Horizon Prompt: Steam..
Shared with Haiku My Heart/..

Gangs of Mango Trees

She balances his
steaming food box on her head;
hot sun-filled fields


Hot sun-filled fields;
steamy gossips and happier
gangs of  mango trees


Gangs of mango trees;
night is still with no more steam
in the chilled air..


Dear Blogger friend, You will honour me by reading the below mentioned  too,,,, 

In celebration of Deewali, the festival of lights, Here's a Hindi Poem, first time  on this Blog.. dedicated to my wife.. who has supported me through thick and thin..

For my non-Hindi Speaking friends let me share the essence.. 

In the poem here, I talk about the need for a husband and wife to walk together hand in hand in the evening of life. confidently without fear having full trust in God.. I pray to them to spend time enjoying the gifts of nature, resting under the trees, listening to songs of birds, talking to stars.. living a full life..    The poem is my way of saying thanks to my dear wife.. We have had a lovely time together. She has supported me all the way through thick 'n' thin for all the 33 years.. This is my way to say thanks to her.. READ ON but before that...


जब साँझ ढले...

जब साँझ ढले
तब साथ चलें...

हाथों में हाथ
बातों का साथ
हो कठिन डगर
यूँ ही चलें मगर
न रुके कभी
न थमें कभी
जब दम लगे
सांस काम लगे
सयम न हारें
कुछ पल गुजारें
इक पेड़ तले
इक पेड़ तले

जब साँझ ढले
तब साथ चलें....

पाँव में छाले
मरहम लगा लें
कभी डगमगाएं
कभी लडख़ड़ायें
चाहे तूफ़ान
करे परेशान
हिम्मत न टूटे
साथ न छूटे
अपना खुदा
न हो जुदा
हर बला टले
हर बला टले
जब साँझ ढले
तब साथ चलें

धूप जलाये
पर रोक न पाय
ठडीं हवा
दे हौसला
पेड़ भी सारे
हमें निहारें
पक्षी गायें
दिल को भाएं
सुनेगी रातें
सितारों से बातें
चाहे चाँद जले
चाहे चाँद जले

जब साँझ ढले
तब साथ चलें .....


A Ramesh Sood Original.. 
Had originally written sometime in 2009.... 


  1. This just stunning, Ramesh!! Before reading the explanation, after reading the 3 haiku, I felt you had described a very special woman in a life time. Blessing to you and your wife!

  2. super haiku! lovely poem to your wife, thanks for sharing.

  3. dear friend,
    always-your writing is infused with deep love. thank you for sharing the love you feel so deeply for your wife- we are all blessed by your generosity.

  4. Ramesh Ji अट्टी संडर मेरी सभ कमाए इस दीपावली के संडर पर्व पर ,
    आपके ह्रदय में हर पल उसका प्रकाश रहे
    राजकुमार धाम

  5. हर पल उसका साथ रहे ,हर पल उसका प्यार रहे
    राजकुमार धाम

  6. Very very beautiful....both poems......Wish you a very Happy Diwali...!

  7. I love the tribute to your wife. Nice haiku as well.:)