Saturday, December 10, 2011

“Can I Ever Be Her Knight?”

Written for One single Impression
Prompt: Knight

Thanks Amity for a beautiful prompt!!!

“Can I Ever Be Her Knight?”

"Two squares horizontally
 And one square vertically,
Or two squares vertically and
One square horizontally...,"
When she was teaching him
How the Knight moved
On the chess board
He was thinking
“Can I ever be her Knight?”
Lessons had continued, but he
Didn’t learn the right moves
And so, couldn’t be….

RS :)


  1. good one. He became good at playing chess but didn't really learn to tell her how he felt about her.

  2. The heart is the biggest chessboard. No move is ever made with certainty of outcome.

  3. Indeed, chess moves are easier compared to those to win over a heart. :) Good one.

  4. A good one, Ramesh. He can never win her heart if he thinks of and treats her like one of the boys.

  5. that is fun...and good one...yes!!

  6. Nice poem, the horse's movement is vital and useful in many plays for his ability to threaten without exposure.

  7. Wow...
    LOVED this one, captivatingly perfect.
    You really can catch the feeling of the human soul.
    Clever and inspirational. Beautiful and amazing job!

  8. You start talking about chess and i will get snoozy...:(

    You start inviting me to play chess and I will get giddy...:(

    Sadly, a very interesting game for the intellectuals doesn't attract my mind at all - i believe i am a dumb lot :(

    But your poem is beautiful, interesting and wonderful!

  9. Playing chess isn't that easy, but to tell your feelings to the one your are adoring is much more difficult.


  10. Very well-crafted, you have a special gift with words!

    Take care

  11. this one is very cleverly done.

    enjoyed the beautiful vocabulary you used here, smiles.

  12. How romantic this poem is Ramesh. I love the dual definition of being a knight.

  13. A beautiful, courtly love poem. Thank you.

  14. Woww.. this was awesome, Rameshji!! You really brought life to such an innate object, and you lent your heart and feeling to every man waiting for "that one" chance...
    Beautifully rendered... with just a touch of sadness, and just a pinch of humor... really well written!!

    Oh.. and thanks a HEAP for the loveliest words you left on my most recent poem... I can say without a shadow of a doubt that it was one of the sweetest compliments I have EVER received as a writer!! THANK YOU SOOOOO MUCH!!!!

  15. Learning to move on the chessboard but never learning the lessons of life...aren't we all like that.

    Again, very nicely expressed. I like the way you think Sood sir.