Monday, December 19, 2011

He Filled His Hands With Snowflakes..

Written for Jingle Poetry at The Gooseberry Garden....
picked up the theme as.. Snow..

He Filled His Hands With Snowflakes..

He filled his hands
With snowflakes
And let them slip through
To fall in her hands
As she waited in excitement
They melted
Just like that moment…

RS : )


  1. "they melted
    just like that moment. . ."
    Is that perfect - YES!
    Really lovely and so true how time is like a snowflake - precious, unique and ever changing into another element.

  2. O dear melting moment!
    Loved serene so passionate so true....
    Cant believe it I saw a whole movie in just few lines..
    But I knw....picture abhi baki hai mere looking forward to the series of melting moments..well i dint say anything I'm only hinting!

    ~ Happy Holidays!

  3. Very nice write, Ramesh! very visual wording!

  4. Oh Ramesh, this is so beautifully romantic! xoXox