Saturday, December 17, 2011

I (P)enjoy Writing...

Posted for One Single Impression
prompt: Inkpot 
Thanks to Nessa of  for a very unique and different prompt....
Putting the post a day earlier..tmrw could be hectic.. 
didn't want to miss my appointment with OSI....

I (P)enjoy Writing..!!

White sheet of paper
And the poet in me
Got tempted
As the thoughts
From the heart
Started flowing,
I scribbled
“Presence of pain
In my heart doesn’t mean
I am not happy……”
Suddenly, a lump in throat
And a tear from the eye
Rolled out and fell
On the paper
The word ‘Pain ’ got
Scattered and diluted
Had to because I still
Write with an ink-pen
And I love it, that’s why
My table drawer has
A permanent companion
My ink-pot, forever present
Yes, I pen-joy writing
And hey, haven’t I
Found a truth here:
Tears indeed dilute pain…


And a Haiku too...

Always leaves
stains on  fingers;
My Inkpot



  1. i really am speechless after reading this Ramesh Ji!! this was so so awesome... and what you say is so true!! tears DO ease the pain... and guess what?? i LOVE writing with ink pen too!! i totally relate with this.. thanks :) :)

  2. That's how to put emotion into writing.

  3. enjoyed both writes. amazing isn't it? that we can draw inspiration even from pain.

  4. yes...nice emotions flow here..!!

  5. Liking here the inkpot working for your poet like a beast of burden works for its master. Very nice!

  6. you seemed like you enjoyed writing this

  7. Emotionally charged. Drops of tears must have rolled out when you wrote this piece.

  8. I like this concept "pen-joy writing." This was a joy to read.

  9. I love the poem, tears and words dilute the pain.

  10. Trouble is that sometimes there are so many tears that the true words lose definition. Ah well...beautiful, Ramesh. x

  11. Yes, tears dilute pain. Beautiful peom.

  12. I saw this on Judith's site and just had do drop by and tell you how much I enjoyed this poem.

    the quote “Presence of pain
    In my heart doesn’t mean
    I am not happy……”

    You touched my heart...and caused a tear, from understanding.
    thank you...

  13. Simply Superb!!
    Amazing Write...Rameshji!