Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Rivers Pause to Catch Rhythm..

Day 29 – February 29th
Theme or Word: Journey

And the tale continues  in a chain of happy haiku...
culmination of month long journey... a journey every moment of which
was blessed by God and all my haiku-loving friends who left
their laughing footprints here....let us all reach
the point of  New Beginning..and let...

Rivers Pause to Catch Rhythm..

A little more
than ordinary;
our story

Our story;
a moment to share
with the world

With the world
right here in the now;
flow of thoughts

 flow of thoughts;
and rivers pause to
catch rhythm

Catch rhythm;
boats filled with dreams
dance on waves

dance on waves;
setting sun sings songs
of morning;

of morning,
flowers, birds and trees;
musical notes

musical notes
as angels descend;
my heart leaps

My heart leaps
in a frenzied beat ;
stop me please

Stop me please;
or join me here to

this month-long journey;
smiling souls

Smiling souls;
let us all practice

why not, indeed yes;
yes, God Bless!


Yes, God Bless
SiS of Few Miles;
shining soul..



  1. I enjoyed the journey and learning this cascading haiku from you. Thanks for your visits and encouragement. See you ~

  2. What a wonderful thought to end the month on! I've enjoyed your haiku and especially this one!

  3. I have enjoyed the haiku journey with you and reading your beautiful words. You ended it with such lovely thoughts.

  4. glad to share the journey with you

  5. I've read only happy and positive thoughts from you. Thank you for travelling together on this journey. It's been awesome. It's not the end but the beginning.

  6. Yes, why not
    Ramesh, indeed yes;
    God Bless you.

  7. A heartfelt poem and a lovely tribute to SIS...Hope to meet up with you in the next challenge.

  8. Nice haiku series Ramesh. I love this wonderful form and wish you all the best.


  9. How within two or three words you create such beautiful rhymes...I'm so happy as always and feel glad that I read it. Though my fav. among all above was
    'musical notes
    as angels descend;
    my heart leaps

    My heart leaps
    in a frenzied beat ;
    stop me please'


    Thank you for sharing such lovely prose :))
    ~Keep the Spark ALive..

  10. God bless you too!

    I'm celebrating with you!!!

    btw, your work is always a joy to read.

  11. Some great lines. A great post on a fine blog. I shall definitely come again!

  12. This is a beautiful ending for our journey of Haiku I love your special words, as always.

  13. Thank you for sharing sir...a wonderful ending to the wonderful rhythmic journey...Namaste..._/\_

  14. A joyous journey, Ramesh! Let's keep in touch! Every day of this month has been so enjoyable!

  15. I enjoyed it to the core Rameshji.. Thanks! Thanks! Thanks for blessing Haiku in the past 29 days.. Happy Man!

    Someone is Special

  16. A Lovely set!
    Thank you for being with us on this Journey.
    For encouraging with your words as well.
    Good wishes :)

  17. Like a fresh and rapidly flowing river ~~ your words rush forth with creative exuberance ... It has been a joy to visit you and your creative contributions this past month. In many ways it is difficult to believe the challenge is over, and in other ways, I am glad. :D It has been a pleasure. Thank you ~~ Here is my last day ... Day 29.

  18. What an uplifting note to end on - wishing you much happiness especially in your writing :-)