Thursday, February 9, 2012

Special Day....

Written for the Haiku Challenge 2012 
Day 10 – February 10th
 Theme: Write a Haiku describing about a
Special day in your life...

Ah, I wake up
to a special day;

And a very special day...

She devoted hers
to give us a great life;
our Wedding day..

Our Wedding day;
and God blessed us with
Joys of life

Joys of life-
two lovely children;
now grownups

Now grownups
celebrate along with us;
our wedding day

Our wedding day;
to give us a great life..
she devoted hers..

RS :)


  1. Yes, everyday when we wake, is a special day!

  2. Ramesh - what is this form of Haiku/prose ... when you start the next line with the last line of the stanza before? Very nice tribute to your life and your family. Love permeates from the beginning to the last.

  3. Really Ramesh ... you did it again. I am speechless. Nice imagery on the theme 'a special day'.

  4. Second one reflects the entire sum of your Special days/moments.
    Delight to read.

  5. I live the weaving of the lines into a story...A blessed life you have ~

    Happy day ~

  6. A very special day it was and many more special days followed. WOW! Again I'm in awe! :)

  7. Rameshji, you made me speechless once again.. :-)

    Someone is Special