Thursday, June 7, 2012

I Try to Feel and Breath Beauty

Written for Rebecca's

Haiku My Heart..

I Try to Feel and Breath Beauty

Through the thick of green
I look at patches of blue;
mute dry leaf quivers

Mute dry leaf quivers
tickled by the naughty breeze;
water flows nearby

Water flows nearby;
I can smell the blooming
roses all around

Roses all around;
closing my eyes I try to
feel and breath beauty


A nudge
by her thought; 
heart sings..



  1. Beautiful weave of words & imagination!!!
    Loved the second para a lot!! extremely mysterious with a bit of glory & tint of mischief!! Cute!! Super cute.. I can hear the sound reading it..
    ~Keep the Spark ALive..

  2. Nature and mind in harmony. Lovely.

  3. ...tickled by the naughty breeze... Both you and Rebecca have sensuous haiku today!

  4. dear ramesh...
    feel and breathe beauty....

    this is stunning. give me this and that naughty breeze!
    dwelling here there can only be romance, and peace.

  5. Yes , definite feel the beauty ~ wonderful cascading haiku with nature and mind as one ~ thanks for sharing ~ Excellent! ~ ^_^

  6. these are the things that make us feel truly alive! wonderful poetry:)

  7. You have taken the time to stop and smell the flowers, and written about it beautifully.

  8. As always, very nicely put together. I can feel and breathb the beauty with you through your haiku. Wonderful!


  9. I'm smiling at the image of the naughty breeze doing its tickling thing!

    Whispering God’s Name

  10. Love the naughty breeze. I always enjoy your creations so much.

  11. 'Water flows nearby'... this sentence pictures a whole landscape to me... love to start my haiku-round with your blog this time! Enjoy the weekend!

  12. A nudge by her thought.. heart sings..

    I get a few images on this.. can be a romantic thought, or one of success.. for heart to sing, it has to be happy.. very interesting.