Friday, June 29, 2012

Will It, Will It Not....

 Written   for   Rebecca's
Haiku My Heart

Will It , Will It Not...

Ah, my shadow falls
just a little ahead of me;
Sun hits from behind..

Sun hits from behind
and sunflowers all laugh at me;
harsher summer winds..

Harsher summer winds
make the clouds wither away;
eager paper boats

Eager paper boats
look for puddles of water;
Rain Gods are silent

Rain Gods are silent;
burning sun dictates terms,
ah, my eyes shed tears

Ah, my eyes shed tears,
yet the dry rose is happy;
some hint of water

Some hint of water,
I see the clouds moving in
will it, will it not..

RS :)


  1. A great flow to this ... and I'm sure it will.

  2. Here in the parched parts of the United States, I think our paper boats are eagerly looking for puddles too! I love this image!

    Haiku Offering

  3. lovely haiku on many levels ~ well crafted ~~ thanks, ^_^ (A Creative Harbor)

  4. the rain gods have definitely not been silent the past week here, but no complaints from me, and the paper boats are thrilled! As always, your haiku paints lovely pictures...

  5. A beautiful prayer for rain. Lovely.


  6. dear ramesh,

    please forgive me for being so late to visit all haiku my hearts. life has taken me away from the computer and finally i have returned to drink you all in. your haiku are stunning. truly you have swept me completely away.

  7. Clever usage of words.
    Last sentence of one haiku for the first of the next.
    that too in a haiku!

    and picturesque!!!

    P.S. Do check out my blog.You may find it interesting.