Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Love Loves To Forgive..

  Written for

Prompts: Lenient, Fog, Struggle..

Love Loves to Forgive.

She struggles to see
through the thick fog of doubt;
he stands firm
on his slippery ground
for he knows, like always
she will take a lenient view
of his misadventures..
And life will go on
as it has always gone
she reads his mind
and hers too
smiles and says..
“ Welcome, home.. whatever..”
Staying behind the fog
she shuns struggle
and prays, “ May God too
take a lenient view.."
Love loves to forgive.. isn't it..



  1. I loved it...Love loves to have used some of the words so beautifully - "slippery ground", "misadventures"....this ws really thought provoking ..wonderful !!!

  2. there is some hesitation in this thought the old saying goes maybe it forgives but doesn't forget..jae

  3. I have been away and return to see your special poem for Three Word Wednesday - your thoughts very similar to my own. I enjoyed it very much.

  4. Yes, love loves to forgive. I hope each forgave the other and he stopped his transgressions to earn her forgiveness.

  5. Love loves to forgive hopefully he is truly sorry.

  6. cooly wise, sometimes love loves to forgive.

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  8. "he stands firm
    on his slippery ground"

    I love conflicting ideas in your piece :)


  9. Too many people forgive because of love, but it is a harder thing for them to also forget...