Sunday, July 29, 2012

A Card Up Destiny's Sleeve..

Written for

Prompt: Lump

A Card Up Destiny's Sleeve..

I looked at the 
tall dark lines of the buldings
through my hopeful eyes
and the straight stretch
of road passing through
with dim lights pouring
out of old lamp posts
I could see millions of
my footprints there
some laughing , some sad
some jumping with joy
some crying hidden
behind their own shadows..
the stretch won't
be able to have any more
of my foot-prints
as the destiny had played
a card up her sleeve
which I always thought
was in my hands
But that's how we, the mortal
humans play at her hands
often wondering...
A lump in my throat
suddenly made my eyes wet
No, there was none to see
and I wondered did
the stones around
had any feelings...
did they too have lumps
in throats whenever
they witnessed dreams 
turned into smoke
going up a chimney
which wasn't coughing
anymore for years now
and a question flashed
in my untiring mind
where thoughts often
danced in different
attires to myriad notes
of soulful music -
did the invisible
smoke of dreams
ever turn into clouds
keen to rain somewhere
making the soil fertile
to grow newer dreams..
I know the answer
Yes, they do...


An attempt in Haiku Format too..

Invisible Footprints..

My happy footprints
are ready to fade away;
None will really know

None will really know,
visible only to me;
a lump in my throat..



  1. Lovely poem ... the optimistic ending is so beautiful :-)

  2. So many happy images. I hope the lump in your throat was joyful.

  3. I think that the repetition of the last line in this haiku is the best you've done.

    You are a cauldron of creativity Ramesh!

  4. I love the imagery you've woven here Ramesh. Beautifully written.

  5. Excellent. Dreams raining somewhere else....

    And Haiku hit at right place. Short and precise.

  6. wow those invisible footprints. full of meaning in two haikus

  7. so beautiful- both of them. I was sure the first one was going to end sadly and am glad it did not!