Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Cracks Appear In Togetherness....


Lab, Leave, Friends, Together, Mistake , Rest,
Risk, Conscience, Translate, Second, Detect, Note

Cracks Appear In Togetherness..

Cracks appear in togeherness
and friends leave
Mistakes happen
Yet the mind translates
conversations and events
As per its own comfort
Taking the risk
Of getting detected by
The conscience who
makes its own quiet notes
No second thoughts
Let there be no rest
Responsibility of relationship
Will have to be accepted
Where is the alternative
Other than listening
To the conscience, to heart and soul..
a human lab can help..



  1. Your first line is brilliant, a good choice for the title. It anchors the rest of the piece. Glad to have you with us at the Whirl. You can follow The Sunday Whirl on Facebook, and I always post the words there early to provide time prior to Sunday's opening.

  2. I love the way you put all the words together to write this poem.

  3. Often we make mistakes but we must learn from them. A beautiful poem with stunning revelation.

  4. listening
    To the conscience, to heart and soul..

    We should all do it more often..

  5. Immaculate....this human lab brings peace...ultimately! Love this, Ramesh.

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  7. Great lab RS!! Liked the idea of a personal space to mend and heal!!

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