Tuesday, July 23, 2013

I Started Looking At Her Through My Poems....

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I Started Looking At Her Through My Poems...

Where was the time to think
Tears were slated to flow for the night
I thought I won't be able to 
repair the 'longing'
No key could open the door to
the darkened  rooms of my inner space
Ah, you think one could enter
through the windows
No, a strong mesh of illusions
never let anyone even consider the option 
Driven to embrace
a less than intersting life
I suddenly found a ray of hope
and I became a poet
that's when I started looking at her
through my poems
and lo! Life suddently found meaning
and became exceedingly lively
Darkened rooms too slowly started
getting illuminated one by one...
and I see the light all around me
Yes, today is beautiful
And tomorrow will be a lot better...



  1. No, a stong mesh of illusions
    never let anyone even consider the option .

    These lines are so powerful. but the end takes a lovely positive attitude.

  2. Ramesh, the words drove some of us to that loss of love, but I love how you turned it around, took a second look at her through your poems. Victoria

  3. Well expressed RS!! Obviously 'She' means a lot to you and a great source of inspiration for your wonderful poem!! Ends so very positively, in fact you transmit it to all your readers!! :)

  4. This is beautiful, Ramesh. The image of rooms lighting one after another through poetic exploration brings me happiness. Lovely.