Sunday, July 28, 2013

He Wove His Stories Well....

He Wove His Stories Well....

Hey, do you really think
that he revisited his past
yes, he did ..not once
but many a time...
Because, wasn’t that the place
Where she met him last
under that rain
amidst the vegetation
where crows would gather
and their constant caw, caw
would make cells
of his body too
join the chorus
while he would quietly
witness his inner strength
getting eroded
with every passing moment
she would wonder
because he would not say
what she wanted to hear..
He wove his stories well
deeply rooted in his
self-created darkened
depths of fear and doubt
Yes, she always knew
that courage was a
scarce trait and
he was not bestowed with it
and then she did what she needed to
she moved ahead
staying rooted in some
vacant moments
wasn’t an option
when a beautiful life
beckoned her to meet
at least one courageous heart
on the way which appeared
littered with golden dreams
and she knew she will be
able to pick up one...



  1. Quite a complex story line. Having choice is certainly good.

  2. Good on her. Breaking up is hard to do but is the wisest course when incompatibility stares you in the face.

  3. Ah a deceptively simply told tale of complexity of time and situation. Well done :)

  4. Well done, Ramesh. You have taken the wordle words and run with them to exciting effect. The poem would read more smoothly without emboldening the Wordle words - we've all read them and written to them - but that's just my opinion.

  5. Ah, choices. So many times we wish we had made other ones. She followed both her heart and soul, that is always a good choice.


  6. interesting tale in your poem

    much love...

  7. Nicely woven story using the wordle words. :)

  8. It's always good to follow your heart. Dreams offer themselves...she will choose well. Nicely penned.