Sunday, November 24, 2013

A Tribute to Haiku Heights and Leo..

How Did I Paint Happiness?

Flowers of haiku
gave their fragrance each week;
Haiku Heights & Leo

Haiku Heights & Leo;
beautiful images grew
on the walls of minds

On the walls of minds,
how did I paint happiness!
smiles fell from her eyes

Smiles fell from her eyes
like glowing seeds in my heart;
flowers of haiku

Flowers of haiku
shared with all the friends here;
Haiku Heights and Leo

Haiku Heights and Leo
shining sparks in my heart;
togetherness lives

Togetherness lives;
my Haiku hopes return of
Haiku heights some day...

A Tribute to Haiku Heights and Leo by



  1. A lovely tribute to Leo and Haiku Heights Ramesh. I will miss your beautiful haiku !

  2. RS, I thank you for the tribute and support. and for your e-mail as well.

    I've not been one to ponder a lot on decisions, but I took a while to decide to close down. It was hard, but I took it. Yet my heart was still not ready to let go. Yours, and other posts have made me feel even more so.

    Perhaps it is not time yet for HH to close. I've not thought of this decision too much, but if I can let someone's muse be alive, I think that this decision is right. We're not closing. Not just yet.

    1. You are a generous and a kind soul who continues to believe in Giving.. we must flow with our inner calling.. that is what makes life so beautiful...I am happy... God bless!!!


  3. Excellent tribute! Nice to know we can continue to paint happiness!

  4. A beautiful tribute to Leo and HH.

  5. Beautiful. You've outdone yourself with this one ,. Keep writing.

  6. An exemplary tribute!. The good news is Leo has decided not to close for the time being.

  7. It's nice that Leo originally decided to close so you could write this wonderful haiku!

  8. See what your words of gratitude did? Leo changed his mind!

    The Grateful Heart