Friday, November 1, 2013

Festival of Lights...Haiku

Written for
Rebecca's Haiku My Heart Friday..

Festival of lights
and I look up at the skies;
brightest star - my Mom..


Here's wishing happiness and joy on the occasion of Indian Festival of Lights..
which falls on New Moon Night as the Earth gets lit all the friends from the world over..
God, please this one time let my inner space light up!!!



  1. Beautiful tribute to your mom. Blessings.

  2. I share your prayer for your own inner space. So sweet, the Haiku that identifies a Spirit in your life. Just a completely wonderful thought.


  3. Beautiful and touching. I get emotional when it comes to "Mom."


  4. What a wonderful haiku written for you star Mom ~ very creative and wishing for you whatever it is you wish for yourself ~ thanks, carol, xx

  5. Beautiful thoughts Rameesh. I hope your inner space becomes as bright as that mom star.

  6. brightest star - my Mom..

    Mom is always the brightest star - on earth as well as in the sky.

  7. Yes Moms n Dads are the stars that lit up and show the path in the dark corridors of confusion and brighten up our dull, upset evenings.
    In the nights when Sun of loud happiness, crowds and momentary friends sets, these are the stars that glitter, twinkle, laugh and wink, telling us that the day is not over yet and take us into their cozy embrace of a quiet, warm private party.

    Ramesh Sir, your write ups are always beautiful and inspiring. They take one back to the roots, from where we began building ourselves. It always leaves one recharged, rejuvenated as it makes up for the energy dissipated in the journey so far.

    Happy Diwali, may the brightness within you touch a million lives through your golden pen and luminescent ink.


  8. Thanks RM...I feel extremely hunbked with the generosity of your appreciation ...and wish to state that your comment here needs to be your post on your blog RM...I don't think if I could have talked about the role of parents in our life more eloquently...You are a wonderful mind and a kind soul....

    Let the spark keep on shining....illuminating your inner space...

    Happy Diwali!!


  9. Ramesh, you always know how to touch the heart. Beautiful.