Wednesday, November 27, 2013

I Found My Path.. .

Written for 3WW...

Wary, Curious, Inevitable

I found my path
When I had lost my way
Curious to know
What the future held
I kept on moving
With newer resolve
And as success looked inevitable
Some fellow travellers
In spite of being
On the same path
Tried to make me wary
Of my own choices
And that's when I made
Another choice -
Choice of ignoring them
I had to, else,
How would the foot prints
being left behind smile...


Thanks to 3WW...I am back..and shall stay for long, God willing..


  1. wonderful! thank you for the inspiration!

  2. Brilliant. I love the intrepid spirit of this.

  3. It is difficult to follow your own path when others say differently, even harder to ignore those naysayers. Footprints definitely have a reason to smile when one follows their own path.

  4. Well put sometime you have to ignore naysayers and persevere

  5. Very good to have you back Ramesh..have missed you..your own path is truly the best..long may you keep on it..

  6. there are always those who will try and make us second guess ourselves

  7. I enjoyed this. There are those who will actively work against you in your quest for the new path.Listen to your own voice. Never look back.

  8. How important it is to choose your own path, make your own mistakes and bask in your own glory.

  9. I love the finding my own path! Blessings Happy Thanksgiving!

  10. Never to be distracted from our resolve. To focus on our own is of more importance. Great thoughts Ramesh!