Friday, December 25, 2009

Each One of Us is Different…….

Had been out for a dinner to Baramati with a couple of friends and while returning, stopped near a crossing as both wanted to have ‘Pan’ after dinner. They had to cross the road and I decided to stay. Resting my back with the car I started observing people moving through the road on myriad vehicles – Motorcycles, scooters, mopeds, cars ( I won’t put buses, trucks and trailers etc. here) at different speeds. Each vehicle had the capability of going on higher speed or low speed. But for every one it was different. Some whizzed past me as fast as an unwanted thought and others were just flowing like fresh air and a few were like storms –speedy and smoky. All were going to their respective destinations. Different speeds and different makes of vehicles showed that all were having different preferences, perceptions, thoughts or mindsets or needs or whatever even when they were passing through the same point. This only proved once more that every person is different. Once more I got my lesson. Yet I keep on trying to expect everyone to think like me. So silly!
And you know, when my friends and I were in the restaurant and were ordering food , each one of us ordered different menu accepting the freedom of choice yet we remember getting caught in situations when we fail to give freedom of expression to each other. Perhaps, one needs to be more consistent in allowing freedom to another person. What do you say!

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