Monday, December 14, 2009

Moving Into A State of Bliss..

I wrote the lines I put yesterday on my Blog about a week ago after I sent this intention out in the universe for God to pick it up and then help me in getting my own State of Bliss. God and I have often been conversing and it all started when perhaps I was part of another reality system. (God visited my home too! But we will keep all that for some other time. ) I was telling about my own State of Bliss. God, as expected, picked up the message and responded with a very clear voice , “ Fine, you need to meet me to talk about your demand . You have stopped meeting me and you know it. I won’t mind if you want to restart the friendship. And had you continued, perhaps you would have already got your own freedom and State of Bliss and perhaps I might have bestowed you many other beautiful states” . Yes, I and God have been friends. For about four years, I would make it a point to meet God early morning everyday and God would routinely send me his wishes with the first rays of Sun (perhaps only son of God who doesn’t have a darker side) and that would brighten my days. Oh! Life, then, had been wonderful. But perhaps God wanted me to give some more lessons and a series of accidents and illness and then a little problem with my little heart, I got upset with the State of Happiness and Joy where I had been staying and quietly migrated to the state of negativity. And it took quite a while to understand that I needed to be back to my original state also known as State of Bliss and I sent my demand to God.
And following God’s reply I have for last five days started going for my daily meeting with God. The first day, the first ray of Sun treated me like a stranger and second day, perhaps stayed on my face a little longer to see whether she knew me and then we both began rebuilding our lost friendship when she used to act as messenger of God. And today, she not only washed my face but also touched my heart to give it the warmth it needed. Before my mind could react she gave it God’s message to continue to choose happier thoughts out of the thousands that pass every day. God knew that my mind had already started doing so. Soul appears to be feeling a lot more comfortable and I can often see God Smiling during the day whenever he finds me struggling to make the right choice. I think God has made me once again take first step towards moving into my own State of Bliss. Join me, there! We will find it beautiful.

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