Saturday, December 19, 2009

Life in All It's Hues and Colours

It’s so fascinating to see different people cherishing different situations. Some people getting up early and going to their Sun-Rise points to wish Good Morning to God; many others sitting in a quiet and serene environment watching Sun slowly dipping and contemplating on the day spent; whereas there are more who love to be out with the Sun at noon to see their shadows shrinking and then there are those who want to take the Sun directly on their faces making them shine with Sun’s energy and glow. There could be few who are not able to think of Sun in any case as for them the loads of life do not permit them to raise their heads so as to appreciate the vastness of the skies. Their eyes are always glued on Earth as they struggle to move forward wondering about the strength of their next step. Among those also one can find a special one understanding all about the sky and its vastness and also changing tones of the Sun yet choosing to keep his eyes focused on the ground under his feet. A real special one, this!

That’s perhaps what life is in all its hues and colours! Each colour having its own composition and importance; Each colour essential. And each right in its place.
Thank you, Sun for rising each day!

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