Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Handling Politics at Work

Last week, I was travelling with a colleague who is doing quite well and has earned a good reputation for himself. We started discussing about what was happening around in the organisation when I , in all honesty, expressed that somehow I was not able to stand politics and that it infuriated me to see people indulging in it and many a time making talent suffer. And he gave a very interesting response. He said that we need to constantly perform with all our talent because that is what organisation demands and accept politics as a natural phenomenon while learning to protect ourselves against it. He gave an example of weather and said that when temprature changes to high and low degrees we simply take actions to protect ourselves against it through various means and in the situations when no means are available, lets say in case of sudden rain, we accept it and just pass through it . That's how we need to manage the weather in the organisation. We must understand the situation and think how can we protect ouselves and go about taking necessary actions and precautions.

Great words, these! Yes, one will have to learn to first accept the fact that politics happens and then learn to handle 'politics' which has this tendency to show its presence in pockets in any organisation. Many a time people come together to find solutions for certain issues but they tend to spend more time discussing people to put the onus for mess. It's true. so we need to learn to face the weather in organisation too just as we do it with nature.


  1. Dear Mr. Sood,

    This is an interesting and a positive way of coping with office politics. Keep sharing.


  2. Thanks Ashutosh, you continue to push me and motivate me!

    What's new from your side?

    Ramesh Sood