Saturday, April 28, 2012

A Different Road..

April 29, 2012
Written for Haiku Heights
April Challenge

I and my family are in the process of relocating to the
other side of our beautiful city...with packing in progress
hence, haven't been able to visit
blogs of many friends..which I will do positively as and when I can..
But that shouldn't refrain you from
leaving your comments and feedback.. it emboldens...Thanx..God bless!!!

A Different Road..

dreams gleam faintly in
vacant space;

New dreams shine
heights to climb

A different raod;
I am on my way to meet
my better 'self', yes!



  1. Very philosophical but natural expression about the new changes in life..:). I really feel sometimes similar, relating every small and big situation with philosophy. By this expression a new joy is discovered in the pain of change.

  2. Very deep and inspiring, Ramesh ji! A very good piece of advice for our generation people..
    Cheers! :)

  3. that was a great one sir...lovely... :)

  4. "New dreams shine". I like that very much as we all like to see this happening now and again. Good luck in your new home - may you and your family be very happy there. I have enjoyed writing with you this past month.

  5. Nice...I specially like the last one... I hope to meet my better self every day ~

  6. life in so few words ~ excellent ~ good luck with your move ~thanks, namaste, ^_^

  7. Inspiring set of haiku Ramesh. I can sense a deeper meaning.

  8. Ramesh, NOW THAT'S what I call a MOVING set. Lovely

  9. Lovely haiku, despite your preoccupation. May I wish you every happiness in your new home.

  10. packing in progress
    ramesh is moving his house
    to the beat of poems

  11. I am on my way to meet
    my better 'self', yes!

    It took a great move to arrive at your better self- I see!

    May these wonderful beginnings bring you everything you need!

  12. Very motivating haiku ...and the last one is so gr8 while reading....It's pumping new energy in me!

  13. May your new home be filled with blessings, memories and much much love.x