Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Winds Cannot Be Kept Away..

Written for 3WW

Dependence, Kept , Rumple..

Winds Cannot Be Kept Away..

Winds cannot be
kept away, so my hair
will get rumpled
and I have stopped being
dependent on my memory
for carrying a comb
whenever I go out..
I think it's alright
as long as my smile
doesn't get rumpled..



  1. I can't imagine your smile ever getting always shines through your words..Jae

  2. sometimes messy wind blow is better looking anyway.your smile is always warm and friendly.

  3. light hearted and fun to read!

  4. I enjoyed this poem but I don't think it would worry me if my smile was rumpled as I walked and I felt the breeze on my face telling me what it had been doing that day.

  5. Ha! So true! A smile really does make everything better...I think your hair probably looks happier when it's rumpled, too. But then again, I like a lived-in look.