Monday, April 9, 2012

She Swallows Sun

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Haiku My Heart..
on a more sombre note...

She Swallows Sun

It is summer;
on the burning city road
she walks bare feet

She walks bare feet
pursuing her day's bread;
air conditioned cars

Air conditioned cars
zoom past releasing more heat;
strength of spirit

Strength of spirit;
immune to all seasons
 poverty smiles

Poverty smiles;
sitting under a big tree,
she swallows Sun

She swallows sun
each day, every day;
it is summer..


As an after thougth, I edited the line 'Child of Poverty' and
made it to 'Poverty Smiles'..after Jayanth perhaps Jayanth had commented....

Haiku My Heart


  1. :) aahh!!

    "Strength of spirit;
    immune to all seasons
    child of povery"

    such a beautifully expressed cascaded haiku themed around the life of 'the child of poverty'..

    there is so much depth in this one sir, i feel it.. reading it takes the feeling right through heart to guts.. sombre in deed.

    lovely, sir! amazing!

  2. Wow! This one's amazing... i could actually picture her passing by me!

    "Strength of spirit;
    immune to all seasons"

    Sooo deep!

  3. heart touching... and the bitter truth ... beautifully expressed :)

  4. This is such a strong image. It breaks my heart. Well done.

  5. Summer is not fun and games for everyone. Thank you for the reminder. A special haiku.

  6. This is touching haiku...and harsh reality of many poor people...!

  7. This is a wow set! Definitely a keeper.

  8. This is an exquisite chain of haiku. The flow is so well conceived! And very enlightening. Sometimes the summer sun is the only constant and it can be relentless.

  9. Poverty smiles,

    she swallows sun..incredible lines

  10. 'She walks bare feet' and 'poverty smiles' are so simple yet so powerful phrases. I liked your treatment which swifts gently from a practical perspective to the emotional side of it. Glad to find your work.

    The hindi couplet you shared on my blog is beautiful beyond words. A big thanks for that Sir.

  11. just saw ur comments in saru's blog :) got impressed & that made me to visit ur blog which is truly soulful poem;

    so what if not blessed with many readers;
    heart speaks the truth :)
    & thats enough even a soul admired it :)
    not necessary to have bulk readers!

    i loved ur poems will be back when u update,
    till then keep smiling & writing :)

  12. I love the was that you tell a story. You have included some memorable phrases! Thanks!

  13. I love your poems, I do visit the haiku list 'from top to bottom' in order, and it's always so nice to arrive at your blog and 'drink your haiku'. Thanks again!

  14. oh ramesh this is so powerful and bittersweet.
    i am greatly moved by your story haiku and the strength of this nod to summer and a challenged life so many live day in and day out through every season.

  15. Gentle and harsh, both. Nicely put together.

  16. "She swallows sun", 4 words that paint such a vivid picture. An exquisite write

  17. I was trying to draw a picture all in my mind after reading this, spirit of poverty, it was all hazy. I wonder where does the human spirit lie?

  18. I could actually see the woman walking in the summer heat.

    The other day I had gone to someone's house in the village and came out sweating like a pig and thinking how those simple people were not even feeling or even thinking of the heat while all I was doing was thinking of it.

    "strength of spirit" is what it is all about.

  19. A story of real life drama so common for many. Not to be confused with discomfort, as she swallows sunshine for strength, for she has more 'light'.