Friday, May 18, 2012

Painted Haiku Shines..

Written for Rebecca's
Haiku My Heart..

Thanks to Rebecca for having permitted me to pick the theme
and a line from her post Brave Intuitive You... here's how I got
inspired from the post and paintings..

Painted Haiku Shines..

Soul is singing;
her heart and mind join hands to
paint happiness

Paint happiness
on the canvas of mind's sky;
symphony of colours

Symphony of colours
tempts to get caught in the maze;
brave intuititve she

Brave intuitive she
takes the plunge splashing beauty;
freedom of spirit

Freedom of spirit;
wings of creation flutter,
blue hides a white sky

Blue hides a white sky,
 she cuts the sheet and walks in;
painted haiku shines.. 

Oh, how I want to continue to flow .. hold me please..and
join me in prayer so that we continue to enjoy
such freedom of imagination and spirit... God Bless!!!



  1. God bless you Ramesh, this is so beautiful, continue to amaze us with your word paintings. x

  2. Awesome cascading haiku Ramesh. I can see that this is the haiku form you have managed very well. Great!

  3. Very beautiful and well crafted haiku ~thanks, namaste, ^_^

  4. Wonderful Ramesh... I so love your flowing and cascading series on Fridays! Have a wonderful weekend!

  5. 'Freedom' wonderfully captured in words.

  6. Lovely, just are so gifted

  7. Love this, Ramesh! My favorite is this:

    Blue hides a white sky,
    she cuts the sheet and walks in;

  8. ramesh.....
    stunning! to read your lyrical creative word painting is
    deeply touching. to think our hands inspired each others,
    thank you for the honor of dancing together!

  9. your willingness to go deep, to follow your muse and to see life through the lens of your heart continues to be an inspiration for me.

  10. Oh yes, it flows so beautifully!


  11. My favorite: 'brave intuitive she'! And I'm with Magical Mystical Teacher on the words prancing and dancing. Love this!

  12. You picked a great topic, Ramesh and wrote wonderful haikus in honor of our dear Rebecca.