Sunday, August 11, 2013




Thanks, OSI
for giving space to my poems;
Expressions many

Expressions many
embellished with feelings;
ah, love for poetry

Ah, love for poetry;
OSI brought here
thinking hearts and souls 

Thinking hearts and souls 
smiled here and shed tears too;
a space to share love

A space to share love
as "I heard Icarus laughing";
OSI's gift

OSI's gift
that prompt opned me up;
vast sky looks lovely

Vast sky looks lovely;
as with a heavy heart I leave
one single impression

One Single impression
a happy home for many a word;
Ah, myriad feelings

Ah, myriad feelings
dance in my heart in a frenzy;
Farewell, OSI

Farewell, OSI;
God bless Sandy and Adree
two angels of love...

Friends.. I started my poetic journey with OSI.. at a time when my heart was full of feelings.. happy and hurt feelings..both..and I began spilling in words on A Little More Than Ordinary.. and made many a friend.. kind souls, loving hearts.. and wonderful persons.. who made sure that they encourged me with their appreciation..and dear reader you are among them... thank I slowly move towards my 800th post..

EACH OF THE HUNDREDTH POSTS WERE WRITTEN ON THE PROMPTS GIVEN BY ONE SINGLE IMPRESSION..It will be my tribute to put all the seven posts..i.e.100th, 200th, 300th, 400th, 500th, 600th and 7ooth one as my 800th one..a combined one.. let us see if I I would be travelling for next 10 days..

Continue to bless..please..with your visits.. Sandy and Andree and all of you the loving and kind souls. I know you are busy making the world a happier place to live ..

Thank you all..

Ramesh Sood


  1. we will miss our Sunday OSI; have a good Sunday

    much love...

  2. .. dear mr. sood .... i share ur feelings and will miss OSI for sure

  3. So good to get to know you Ramesh. Best wishes.

  4. awww.

    OSI also brought back my passion to haiku.... sundays won't be the same again

  5. Yes, Ramesh, lots to thank OSI, Andree and Sandy. I had real good tome writing and sharing. I made good talented friends like you who shared their deeper feelings in their poems. Do keep in touch. God bless you.

  6. A very nice tribute to OSI. It's sad it's ending.

    Suzy at Reflections of my soul