Monday, August 19, 2013

The Sunday Whirl... A Dream..

Yes, he will achieve...

Where was the space on the floor
So he stayed nestled in his 
own  inner space, confined...
If only he had respect for degrees
And persuaded himself to
Fulfill all that she dreamed 
But he didn't have the vision
For some years now he is on the move
Carving a golden path ahead for himself
That would be the real tribute
So he thinks, to his Mom...
Whose vacant  eyes had spilled
A dream for  him in her last breath
Yes he will achieve...
for he has the will.. Period.



  1. so often that is all it takes...the will, which can always trump training and talent

  2. Powerfully done! The will is so important, and so is the vision--"Carving a golden path ahead for himself" Very nice.