Saturday, August 31, 2013

My 800th Post and a Haiku



MY 800TH POST...
To celebrate and mark this occcasion on this first day of September Challenge of Haiku Heights I write my 800th post with a fresh haiku..I also post the milestone posts on the journey each of which had a Haiku too...I would start these posts by changing the sequence a little which only would show my deep regards for the one who helped me initiate my Haiku Journey...

Well here we go:

First my post for September Challenge..

Frogs jump out
of my eyes;


No eyelocks
a pair of frogs sits
on her palm


My 600th Post July 13, 2012

My six hundredth post
I think of my first haiku,
first haiku teacher

First haiku teacher-
Leo of loving haiku heights;
where nature dances

My first haiku......
This haiku was written with Leo's guidance on syllables..

Colourful fields;
Flowers chase butterflies
Trees around laugh


Special on Haiku Heights...where they were born..

Trees around laugh
visible footprints of lovers,
Eleph and the Ant..

Eleph and Ant
rest in cosy environs
seven seas away...

Dance of Nature..

Dance of nature
as I remember first friend
my darling mother

My darling mother
and unconditional love;
Gods rain blessings

Gods rain blessings
I am quietly waiting for
rain drops to fall

Rain drops to fall
ah, child in me has kept a
paper boat ready..

Paper boat , rainbows
butterflies, Moon, flowers;
all my favourites

All my favourites;
friends from hundred countries bless
My six hundredth post..
My 100th Post... August 22, 2010

Pen proposed to Pencil
She blushed, but why did
Paper turn pink

Answer to why?

Pen proposed to Pencil,
Paper thought, 'twas for him
So, turned pink..


When I was a child, I’d often be
Curious to know what happens next
So while choosing to read I’d find
The Mystery Books among the best

Then adolescence saw me concentrating
On my behavior and the looks
Eyes would wander in search of magic
I was keen on reading Romantic Books

While crossing thro’ the last of teens
As gifts from a childhood friend, I read
Ayn Rand’s epics The Atlas Shrugged
And timeless classic The Fountainhead.

20s & the 30s saw me as a grown-up
Who was searching for happier ways to live
That’s when I found myself relishing
The books that taught me to be ‘Positive’

Into the 40s and life led me towards
Finding meaning of life itself
Bend of mind pensive and philosophical
Lo! Books on philosophy filled my shelf

Now entering 50s, I find Blogging
Bringing about some kind of revolution
Sharing thoughts with discerning minds
Resulting into my humanistic evolution

Don’t know which way it’s headed now
But I may find true meaning of ‘Living’
Constant efforts may shift my focus
From ‘Taking’ to unconditional ‘Giving’

Would love to fulfill just one longing
No, no, it’s not about money or fame
But among the myriad books in shelves
There should be some bearing my Name

My 200th POST Feb 05, 2011

A cascade of Haiku

I Sit on a Rock, Moon Walks on Clouds...

I sit on a rock
Feet don’t reach water below
Lo! Waves jump to touch..

Lo! Waves jump to touch..
I feel sprinkles on my soul
Setting Sun smiles

Setting Sun smiles
Telling me to sink with it, ah,
I come out of depths

I come out of depths
Restless eyes look for heights
Mind jumps on the chance

Mind jumps on the chance
Let’s pride walk in quietly
Humility knows

Humility knows
She holds the heart tightly,
Heart beats soft and strong

Heart beats soft and strong
Keeps arrogance at bay
I detach myself

I detach myself
Pride melts, arrogance faints
Humility stays

Humility stays
Setting Sun beckons again
Dancing waves gleam gold

Dancing waves gleam gold
Sea of feelings settle, and
Moon walks on clouds

Moon walks on clouds
Softness soothes my soul ‘n mind
Moonbeam’s gentle touch

Moonbeam’s gentle touch
Happiness spills from my eyes
Stars roll down the cheeks

Stars roll down the cheeks
Moon, clouds and sea merge
God, let the dream stay

God let the dream stay
Fluttering wings of thoughts
I sit on a rock

MY 300TH POST.. July 09, 2011
Wow, good to see you
Blessing my three hundredth, hey,
My respect and thanks..

World May Never See Another Epic..

Winds respected and carried with them
Myriad tales of travelers told by trees
And words spread slowly
Turning them into intriguing stories

Stories then got quietly whispered
In many of more than willing ears
Discerning minds with their imaginations
Kept on adding narration over the years

Years saw them getting transformed into
Epics of thousands and thousands of pages
Embellished by discerning souls on the way
Original authors from among ancient sages

Sages who spent years and years
Evolving into wisdom’s glowing rays
Spreading light, blessing humanity
One can’t find them around today

Today’s winds also don’t carry any tales
For none shares with trees things specific
It’s indeed a matter of grave concern
That world may never see another Epic..

Epic is a careful recording of journeys
Of lives undertaken by a few souls blessed
Wonder if one records one’s own life
With all ups & downs, could it be an Epic, yes..

Yes, but for that let one first win one’s own mind
And become as responsible as ancient kings
As brave as soldiers who conquered the evil
Then only the tales will be carried by winds…

My 400th Post November 13, 2011

And a breathing Haiku...

So many footprints
Of loving souls , like flowers
Blooming in my heart...

My 500th Post, March 17, 2012

Five hundredth post, this!
shine together in my words
tears of joy and pain

Tears of joy and pain;
filled with your love and support,
I stand overwhelmed…

I stand overwhelmed
amidst these frozen moments;
both sun and moon shine

Both sun and moon shine
as earth takes another turn
I keep my balance..

I keep my balance
holding on to a moonbeam;
a small miracle, that!!

A small miracle that
words keep raining from skies
they grow on trees too

they grow on trees too
and many stem from your smiles
morning’s happy gifts

Morning's happy gifts
I find some hidden around
in fragrant flowers

In fragrant flowers;
butterflies too bring along
few fluttering words

Few fluttering words
I weave them all together
in haiku and poems

In haiku and poems
in each word , each sentence
I live happily…

I live happily;
blue and green meet quietly in
this beautiful space

This beautiful space
home for all my unbaked dreams;
I meet all of you ..

I meet all of you …
as my heart shouts out loud
hey, thank you, thank God!!

My 700th Post February 16, 2013..


Love Compromises
She embroiders
my initials on my shirt;
her love radiates

Her love radiates
making my tea also sweet;
No sugar add-ons

No sugar add-ons;
she allows me cookies as
love compromises

Love compromises
by giving more, seeking less;
a happier life, that

A happier life, that
When I read or write haiku ,
she embroiders..

Thanks for reaching here.... your visit is a delight and quite emboldening..don't forget to leave a comment pkease..



  1. First , congrats on your 800th post with a lovely haiku. Yr 100th post is very different and brought a smile on my face. Will read others later.

  2. congrats!! those are some lovely writes...

  3. Frogs jumping out of your eyes? You are overdosing on poetry Ramesh:) Congratulations on all your lovely poems. I like 700 best...simple harmonious,steeped in love.Good for you!

  4. Congrats RS! Your frog haiku is really good. Nightmare hunh? :D

  5. Frogs jumping out of my eyes would frighten me to death! Hooray for your 800th!

    Haiku My Heart Joysong


  6. Congrats! Happy 800!! all are wonderful....specially the 400th one... :)

  7. Congratulations on your 800th!!!

    Your haiku about frogs and dreams left me thinking and with a smile :)

    Well done!

  8. Congratulations and Blessings - may you write 800 more! I laughed out loud at the frogs jumping out of your eyes! I feel like that sometimes when I write too much haiku!! :)

  9. Congratulations RS!! Fabulous milestone, loved your 200th post the most:) Eye-popping nightmare was a scary read..