Friday, August 2, 2013

She Sits on a Rock..

Written for
Leo's Haiku Heights
Prompt: Beach..

After quite some time I come out with my original style of creating a cascade of haiku and I have tried that each one can stand alone too..

Do let me know if I have succeeded..

She Sits on a Rock

She sits on a rock,
grains of sand shine on her feet;
vanishing footprints…


Vanishing footprints;
rising waves hug the beach,
sun sinks silently;


Sun sinks silently;
ochre sky spills colours
on the golden beach


On the golden beach
I hear soft tinkling sound;
musical anklet


Musical anklet;
Moving her feet in rhythm
She sits on a rock…



  1. Thats really nice...

  2. very peaceful. very nice. I believe they can stand out on their own. Well done.

  3. Ah I can hear the tinkling anklets. Beautiful cascade RS:)

  4. You started with,' She sits on a rock' and ended with , she sits on a rock' with cascading effect and I can see the fine sand shine at her feet and hear the musical tinkle as she moves her feet.just beautiful RS.

  5. Any of these could stand completely alone, and with each playing off the other, we are totally drawn into the scene and watching her on the beach. You've done very well.


  6. Are you sure she is not a mermaid RS!! This mythological aquatic creature is so associated with the sea!!

  7. Yes, you succeeded well! Each is a gem, telling a story.

  8. I like how you do your cascading haiku.
    They do stand alone...but tell a wonderful story together. I find the sound of the bracelet wonderful...
    tinkling is exactly what my ears heard when I read it.

  9. Rs this Haiku brings harmonious tunes to the fore. Very soft and tender feelings!!

  10. Delightful the soft air the waves kept breaking:) Lovely!

  11. These are lovely Ramesh

  12. its calming effects
    leaves me breathless
    in the passing moment

    in the passing moment
    i saw your words
    with its calming effects

    i love the things that you write.. :)