Sunday, August 4, 2013

In The Vast Landscape of Myth..

Written for
The Sunday Whirl
Wordle 120

gravity, plans, thread, landscape, salt,
breath,shadow, shoes, bread, sense, sends, head

In The Vast Landscape of Myth..

In the vast landscape of myth
His headless shadow
Got stuck to the earth
Such was the power of gravity
In the vast landscape of myth

And then he planned for the real world
Hunger added salt to his wounds
Bare feet burnt in sun
Should he buy bread or shoes
Ah, his plans for the real world

And now each breath hangs him
With a thin thread of hope somewhere
Between myth and the reality
Fear sends shivers down his spine
Oh, he senses, he is not spineless
And realizes he can stand
And knows he wants to
And decides he will
And then he does, yes..



  1. We should all make plans for the real world...

  2. I love the first two lines of your last stanza. Beautiful writing.

  3. Making the decision to stand (or to do anything) is half the battle won!

    Whirling with Robert and Me

  4. Choice is an everyday reality and too many choose to see it as myth. I'm glad he stood up in the end.


  5. yes. the choice is ours. bread or shoes. silence or voice. well-done - thought provoking poetry.

  6. This flowed so beautifully for me, down the page, effortlessly! Lovely!

  7. Almost every decision we make is akin to the choice between bread and shoes. Need opposed to luxury, but which is which?

  8. But does he remember how to truly stand in the end. ? Great poem

  9. Love the way you weave philosophy so effortlessly Rameshji. Life is always about our choices or so we believe and hope so that we can look forward to it...

  10. the summation of this poem's process, if its okay to call it that; is ripe with positive growth hope and determination; really enjoyed reading

    much love...