Saturday, May 24, 2014

Trees Lend Ears.... Haiku

Haiku My Heart..

Trees Lend Ears..

clouds gather
to gossip about earth;
trees lend ears


Trees lend ears;
birds quietly pick up 
words for songs


Words for songs;
she dances bare foot 
as rain falls..



  1. The clouds gossiping, Wow!!! what a nice image,. Thanks for visiting my blog

    Much love...

  2. This is awesome, Ramesh. I love every word and can see it all happening in my minds eye. Re your comment: be assured, if I had the secret to happiness, I would share it with the entire world. :)

  3. Wonderful! I swear I'll the third one first chance I get.

  4. Ramesh... I absolutely love this. Thank you for these gifts, these are so beautiful and made my day!

  5. The first "stanza" is my very favorite of all time!

  6. dear ramesh,
    haiku my heart would never be complete without your joyful haiku!
    so beautiful this singing out, this burst of dancing, the way we are all tied together. much love to you ramesh.

  7. And I will dance too, barefoot in the rain to revel in that special luxury. Wonderful Ramesh.