Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Her Moment Of Happiness...

Written for


Prompts: Excite, Sincere, Amuse..
Her Moment of Happiness..  

Sun rose quietly
And excited butterfly
 Looked at the rose
A very sincere look, that...
Rose responded
By slowly opening-up
 Butterfly fluttering her wings
With dreams in her eyes
Prepared herself
To meet the rose
When a couple of
Tiny laughing fingers
Snapped at the rose
And plucked it
Ah, butterfly wasn't amused
Neither was I
A silent observer
But that little girl
Struck by poverty
Wearing a torned frock
Embellished with
A pattern of joyous
Colourful flowers
Didn't bother
For she had found
Her moment of happiness
In a real one..  


My attempt on a Haiku..  

Fake sincerity
No more amuses me, no;
singing birds excite..    



  1. Losing a moment of happiness could be the start of despair..but in your gentle hands..and her heart it remains something special..jae

  2. beautiful the first one and wonderful written the next

  3. Wow ... what a lovely poem ... really touching, in a pleasant way :-)