Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Of What Substance This Heart Is Made Of..

Written for

Prompts: Pressure, beat, Substance..

Of What Substance
This Heart Is Made Of..

Gets all the beating, and
All the pressures, yet,
Keeps thinking, keeps wondering
Keeps beating
To the rhythm of life
Happily, untiringly, in spite
Of having got some weaker,
Oh, tell me God
Of what substance
This heart is made of…
Isn't it your dwelling
Where you keep hiding God 
Isn't it from where
All the love flows
Keen to enter any crevice
Any cracks in another heart
Capable of singing
And crying too quietly
In its own silent chambers
Oh, tell me God
Of what substance
This heart is made of..



  1. I've wondered about this often, but you've penned it the most beautiful way!

  2. Perhaps the heart is undefinable..and perhaps by default issues of the heart are also so hard to Kinara says beautiful prose..Jae

  3. This is an age old question beautifully posed. I enjoyed your writing very much, as always,,,,

  4. Your poetry this week, as always, is thought provoking and well done.

  5. Ah, Ramesh, You've gone to the heart of the matter.

    It seems that in most cultures/languages the living, beating heart of love. God is Love. Perhaps the only way we can experience God in our human form?

  6. really beautiful. a very good question to ask.

    the heart is a fascinating captured it well.

  7. Tender ponderings. Thoughtfully written.

  8. I love the spirituality of your poem, Ramesh.

  9. magical use of those 3 words...! *respect* !

  10. as the others have said, well captured, I could see the heart beating before me. The poem reminds me a little of Rumi in it's love and spirituality.