Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Uneasy Bond Cracks

Written for:

Drawn, Uneasy, Crumble..

Uneasy Bond Cracks

I pull away as
my dreams crumble one by one;
Uneasy bond cracks;

Uneasy bond cracks;
truth leaks from behind the mask
weaved skillfully

Weaved skillfully
yet the holes bleed malice;
I am no more drawn

I am no more drawn;
dreams lie in a heap hoping
for newer bonds ..



  1. I have forgotten what this form is called but it is very effective in conveying the troubled message in this verse.Broken dreams and the need for a new start.

  2. It's odd, the continuity of the recurring lines gives it a broken feel. Yes, new bonds are something to hope for.

  3. Broken dreams need either fixes or new ones woven,

  4. but when drams will be turn into reality.

  5. When one dream crumbles, dream up some new ones, but don't forget that hopeful heap...

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  7. Ramesh,
    That seems to have welled up from unconscious places. Very poignant and painfully sad.

  8. The malice bleeding malice through the holes in the weave is a really powerful image that illustrates the hurt felt so brilliantly. No wonder dreams lay in a heap! Vividly expressed.

  9. This is my favorite line: "yet the holes bleed malice"

  10. Uneasy bonds crack .... well said !!!

  11. I'm left a bit sad...the idea of dreams laying in a heap...

    I enjoyed the flow and the use of repetition.

  12. Such sad thoughts - wonderfully expressed.

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