Tuesday, January 3, 2012

“Drink It… Will Definitely Taste Better.."

My 2nd post for One single Impression..
Prompt: Change..

“Drink It… Will Definitely Taste Better.."

I had made some
Very tasty cup of coffee
Or so I thought
Took a sip, appeared
A bit lighter on sugar
I overlooked and
Let it pass just like that
For the evening,
In those moments
He quietly arrived
Without asking
Added one more spoon
Stirred it and told me
“Drink it… will definitely
Taste better… ”, he knew
What I was missing
And perhaps what needed
To be changed..
I learnt God will keep on
Sending messengers
To show me the right path
Only I will have to
Understand and receive...
Well, life is slowly
Changing for the better
With messengers apearing
Giving me a tastier flavour
Just like my cup of coffee...

RS :)


  1. Praise God that He knows us better than we know ourselves. x

  2. Sometimes the smallest change can make it all better! Your thoughts gave me much to consider. I enjoyed this very much.