Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Yes, You Can't Be So Brutal...

Written for 3WW
Sullen, Brutal, Trust

Yes, You Can't Be So Brutal...

Whatever may be
Your mood
Sullen or bright
You can’t be so brutal
To pluck the morning flower
Who opens up
Trusting you
Giving you a refreshing
Fragrant smile
To let you have a
Happy day
Yes, you can’t be so brutal
Even to think of
Letting it adorn
Your shelf slowly
Dying in a carved vase
Hey, let it live
Connected to the plant
And it’s roots
At least for a day
Yes, you can’t be so brutal
More so, if you are the one,
Who had planted and nurtured it
In the first place..

RS :)


  1. I'm off now to tend to my plants. = )

  2. such beauty in the bloom of a flower...

  3. nice.. i love to see the roses in our garden lots more than anywhere else in our home..

  4. Lovely sentiment in this piece.

  5. power combined with delicacy -- very nice

  6. Wonderful words, sir. People should print this out and clip it to their desks, or anyplace to read it every single day.

  7. waiting for the snow to go..spring..and the flower gardens....nicely done

  8. Beautiful .....

    But people seldom remember the plants they plant.... but at least we can remember all the plants that we plant.... when the plants grow , they will shade us against the harsh, scorching sun, against the piercing cold winds...


  9. There are not many things that bring a smile quicker than a flower in bloom.

  10. Flowers are like little hearts..they need to be held carefully and tended..Jae