Saturday, January 7, 2012

Ah, Paper Boat..

Written for Haiku Heights
Thanks to Heaven of Sweet Lust for the prompt.. Page

Also Sharing with Haiku My Heart

Always opens
On the page titled "Today";
Book of my life..


None wrote on it
so the page stayed spotless;
Empty feelings..


I tear the page
teary eyed, children smile;
Aha, paper boat!

RS: )


  1. Nice haiku set specially the first one.

    Thanks for liking my prompt~

    (aka Heaven)

  2. All three are very nice. I especially enjoyed the first two.

  3. Very clever interpretations, especially the first.

  4. I agree nice set ... I particularly like the first one!!

  5. I so loved it, especially because I recently wrote a post about journals and this is so much in sync with it!!

    Happy 2012 :)

  6. the book of life is never empty, always a different point of view, nice one

  7. A lovely trio - my favourite is the last one.

  8. The first one is also my favorite.
    The second one, for me is sad.

  9. Nice series Ramesh, I especially liked the second one. It's so obvious ... an empty page ... I think every poet has days to deal with non inspiration.
    On the other side an empty page is also a haiku ... the space around the haiku is also important and when that space is empty it brings balance in the haiku.

  10. The 1st two are stronger, but I love the concept of a paper boat. Salute.

  11. Even an 'Empty page' conveys a lot...
    Lovely set of Haiku S,each one on different note!

  12. the last one made me smile! i love paper boats....