Friday, January 6, 2012

Fairy of Her Dreams...

Written for Blue Bell Books for the Picture Prompt...
Shared with Rebecca's Haiku My Heart.. and
Jingle Poetry At The Gooseberry Garden

Image Credit:
taken from Blue Bell Books...

First a Haiku.....

Fairy of her dreams
Turns into an umbrella,
Flowers smile for her..

Fairy of Her Dreams..

She stood there
Amidst colours carrying
Only her smile
In the bouquet of flowers
And before it could fade
Fairy of her dreams
Turned herself into
An umbrella
Protecting her from
The heat of circumstance
Helping her meld
With joy and happiness
And also letting her know, that
If she so wished
Holding on to her gift
She could also fly in the skies
And she wondered
How it would look
From the top with so
Many colourful umbrellas
Dancing around
And the fairy understood
Asked an angel to
Make a picture for her
Isn’t that what is placed here..
How I wish to hold
An umbrella like that…

RS : )

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  1. I LOVE LOVE LOVE and did I say LOVE your poem and haiku -- Do I feel a series coming on?

  2. I always wanted to fly, but maybe I do!

    Sue x

  3. Great job with both, Ramesh!! Looks like some exciting collaboration going on! Happy 2012!

  4. Very nice write, Ramesh!

  5. positive and beautiful take on the photo prompt.

    Thanks for sharing.

  6. What a wonderful whimsical poem. A perfect accompaniment to the picture. I hope you enjoy mine a much.

  7. I how I'd like to hold an umbrella like that or if an angel could be so kind. This was a Lovely read.

  8. best wishes.

    lovely story on the prompt .

  9. :) I love fairy poems and this was excellent:)


  10. This is so lovely. I'm ready to take flight!

  11. Wonderfully light and happy! Made me want to float up and away on fairy wings. Very well done on both Haiku and poem. Blessings!