Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Sun Will Rise Laughing...

Written for 3WW.... Lumber, Wreck, Bubble..

Sun Will Rise Laughing..

Hope lumbers
like a lonely bubble
ready to burst
in the wreckage of
imaginary thoughts
covered with the
dust of negativity
Yes, a little push
by a kinder heart
brings me
back to reality
where hope shines
attired in happy colours
gifted by the rainbow
specially weaved
by Sun and rain
on a joyous pattern
designed by my future
Hey, I deserve it, damn it
Moving ahead
I would just be picking up
all the happy things
lined up by God
lonely star in the skies
listens to this and smiles
Moon joins him and
I know, tomorrow’s
Sun will rise laughing…

RS : )


  1. We all feel this way but hope its what keeps us going.Wonderful put I love your poem.

  2. As the sun rises laughing, I hope you do also. This is a lovely and upbeat poem.

  3. Yes, Sun has risen laughing..and I too today... hope to try it everyday.. Thanks!!

  4. SUN WILL RISE LAUGHING! Love it. And as a matter of fact the sun in the last several days has showered the northern skies with radioactive beauty.

  5. Your optimism is like an infectious laugh ever..Jae

  6. I recall Dhaka weather, Delhi weather, Katmandu weather... In monsoon often there is no sun. In winter, in the dry, then indeed a laughing sun.

    Sometimes in Dhaka monsoon it would be bright in my backyard but storming two blocks over. Sometimes I would look out the window and up at boiling black clouds so close overhead it seemed that a tall ladder would let me touch the bottom of them - and they were so thick it felt like I could grab a handful of dark wool while I was there.

  7. he first 6 lines were so beautiful ... sad but beautiful

    Thank you for ending in an optimistic note :)

    was a lovely read! :) Just what I needed

  8. I think the sun rises laughing every day but we don't always see it and appreciate it! I loved the poem.