Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Some Lessons Slipped From His Mind...

Written for 3WW..

Naughty; adjective: (Especially of children) disobedient; badly behaved; mildly rude or indecent, ,
Tactic; noun: An action or strategy carefully planned to achieve a specific end.
Zenith; noun: The highest point reached by a celestial or other object; the point in the sky or celestial sphere directly above an observer; the time at which something is most powerful or successful.

Some Lessons Slipped From His Mind...

Along with many others
I too stood holding ladder of his success
While he firmly kept climbing up
Using tactics with
Eyes focused on reaching zenith
Of his career,
Some lessons slipped
From his mind and fell
Straight in my head too…
And it was one such
Lesson which spoke to me
Oh, so very clearly
And unambiguously
Once you reach up there,
Then along with being able to
Afford the luxuries of life
You may think you can afford to be
A little bit naughty too
Remember Zenith has
Its own small space
Where one has to keep balance
A little slip and its a straight
Fall down in unknown abyss 
It helps, you see, sometimes
To be standing under the ladder....



  1. A good use of the words and a good lesson to remember. I like the images. Much better to see someone as holding the ladder that helps a person to success than being walked on during the same journey.

  2. Yes, indeed. It is good to remember how easily one can slip; the ladder to success is always wet and waiting for one misstep. Nice job. I look forward to your peoetry.

  3. Dear Dost,
    Happy and Prosperous New Year!
    Well said...!
    Yeah...the ladder to success is slippery!

  4. so true I think we were thinking along the same lines with this prompt.

  5. But you don't want to be fallen on to.

    Great use of three words. Please read my attempt.

  6. Love your use of the words...slippery slope indeed! My attempt can be found here:

  7. Very good lesson for us. Thanks.

  8. Indeed..maybe success is in the climb..not the top of the ladder..Jae