Saturday, October 1, 2011

Does Language Really Matter...

Written for One single Impression
 Prompt # 188 : Language

Thanks to Sandra... a prompt that took me to a place for the first time, where I go everyday...

Does Language Really Matter...

Suddenly I am looking
At a tree who says
“Torrential rains,
But look at me I survived
Thank God, my strong
Roots helped me..”
Yes, I heard the words
In my mind, tree hadn’t
Spoken; I respond
Smilingly, “That’s great,
Let me see if I can
Survive the storms of
Circumstances, don’t know
Whether my roots are
That strong, dear..”
I know tree heard
But did it hear in the
Same language which
I used, if no then
In what language
Did it interpret my message
Wow, I am so keen to learn it
Perhaps a language
That doesn’t support
Negative reactions
For it doesn't have words
That convey negativity
Because need never existed
Yes, I really haven’t seen
A tree or a flower
Ever getting angry or upset
And I don’t think
If they ever turn
Greener with envy....
But then if I learn
That would be wonderful
If not it’s alright
The way it is...
Lessons can be learnt
and for that to happen
Does language really matter?
RS : )


  1. Perhaps not. You can learn from Nature and communicate too in perfectly understood silence :)

  2. Good one RS!!..and looks like we are on the same wavelength today at OSI!! Gestures and body language speaks in volumes RS!!

  3. So true! No words needed to learn. It is wish to learn that is needed.

  4. Language is so much more than words. Nicely done.

  5. Does language really matter? I guess so RS...:)

    But you made me think deeper about your thoughts of the tree and does it have the same thoughts as you? It will remain a mystery...

    A very beautiful offering on the prompt...but I felt there's something amiss...about the Eleph and the ant?

    They do understand each other I guess though they are a bunch of opposites in many ways: the ant so tiny-weeny and the elephant so humongous....I was looking at the fun side of your rendition about them, but too sad, they were absent today...:)

  6. The language of the tree is different from the language of the skies. Nevertheless we can imagine that they can still communicate in their primitave ways.

  7. a lesson for and of life. thank you. please have a good new week.

    daily athens

  8. Lovely work...nature teaches us..we just don't learn the lesson...

  9. nature teaches so well...thanks!!

  10. Do you have a poem for us for your prompt, rivers?

  11. vry nice lesson thank u sir.....