Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Shadows Need Not Be Scary Always..

Written for 3WW Prompts: Follow, Piece, Admire..

Shadows Need Not Be Scary Always..

My shadow follows me
and many a time changes sides too
Sometimes its on my left,
At others on the right
And occasionally goes ahead of me 
Can I admirepiece of advice
That tells me to get rid
Of my shadow, for that,
I will have to embrace darkness
Hey, my shadow tells me
About presence of light
Around me, yes
Shadows need not be
Scary always,
Lo, this simple truth
Makes me admire
My own shadow and 
I follow it when
Sun shines behind me
No, I have never seen my shadow
Broken into pieces.

RS :) 


  1. Yes, shadow means light. Great words.

  2. You made a faceless shadow so important, the grey area between the sun and the earth is so lively, loyal and dancing in the light!!

  3. 'my shadow tells me About presence of light' ... wondeful, I just love that.

  4. Maybe your shadow can be your best friend..always behind you..watching your back..Jae

  5. admire and follow your own shadow, love the conclusion.

  6. In my minds eye, I can see you shadow dancing!

  7. That was very creative, Ramesh. :)Have a great day.

  8. This is nice. I liked the line "I have never seen my shadow broken into pieces."

  9. A touch of philosophy of life... nice game : Shadow and light...