Saturday, October 15, 2011

I Had Kept It In An Old Book

Written for OSI Prompt:  Paper 
(Thanks to Gautami Tripathi of Rooted for the prompt)

I Had Kept It In An Old Book

Folded neatly
I had kept it in an old book
Colour of paper
Had changed
But the fragrance
Of your words still
Refreshed all my senses
It took me three decades
To take it out
And torn it to pieces
With the same hands
That had folded it
All because I found
The colour of your heart
Having become stale
Just like that of the paper,
Because the words which
Arrived afresh
Appeared to be coated
With a layer of
Pride and arrogance,
I was scared
Of their getting mixed
With the old ones
I let them
Melt with eternity,
How else could I have
Saved their sanctity, no..

RS :)


  1. Oh, this one renders deep feelings so well.

  2. I just loved it..
    very intense n deep !!

  3. Willing the fragrant words to linger can gbe such a bitter-sweet experience! Lovely!

  4. Words have such power. Excellent, as always.

  5. freedom and letting go of the past. awesome imagery here

  6. I can see how one could be frightened by the intensity of a past relationship. Paper always keeps those words secure. Only when we unleash them on our heart do they scare us.

  7. Love the emotions spread across the poem RS!! Yes do not dilute those happy moments in memory, words etched on paper are for just a period of time before they crumble!!

  8. romantic...intense ...!!

  9. Yes, I agree. How else could the sanctity be saved. Loved the way you have portrayed emotions.

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  11. Elegantly written but sad.

  12. An intense relateable piece. I love it!

  13. I have a letter like that tucked in a journal. I wonder if it will take me as long to deal with it?

    Well done on an emotional poem.

  14. very nice poem..the moment which we lived in the past were true..
    so is the moment we live now..
    only the emotions have changed.

  15. Oh, sad RS...

    I wished I had kept some of those papers sent to me...and like you do, examine the words etched in them and find out if it still holds the same emotions...:)

    Well done RS...beautiful, but sad thoughts...

  16. New replaces old
    new becomes new old
    new new replaces new old
    etc, etc.

  17. creative ways to think of papers.


  18. Some paper will turn as time goes by and you expressed it so well.

  19. such deep meaning and so full of images of deep emotions well done