Wednesday, October 19, 2011

You Are God's Favourite Son...

Written for 3WW :  Ember, Tentative, Breach

You Are God's Favourite Son...

No, God will not breach
His promise made to you
Let the fire of time burn whatever
Monuments you created
Over the dead dreams of
Some people who continued
To live around you
With some hope, it’s been
Their fault for being
So tentative in their
Numerous resolves of
Distancing themselves
But then you need not worry
Fires will die down, but
You will continue to glow
Like an ember, for
That’s your destiny, nothing
Will raze you except
Your own will, you are
God’s favourite Son
Must have been pious and pure
Wish could have remained so
But then that would have been
A breach of your own promise
To yourself, yes, you wanted to
Write the destinies of others
And reach such heights
Where none around you
Would ever be able to reach
And hats off to you
All that is achieved
For, you were never tentative
Hey, did I say something
About your glowing
Like an ember...


A Haiku too for lovers of Haiku..

Breach of a promise
Heart burnt, I am tentative
In holding ember

RS : )


  1. Another powerful piece Ramesh..full of conviction..Jae

  2. Well said a very powerful well spoken piece.

  3. Well said RS!! You have expressed your firm beliefs!!
    Coming from 3WW.

  4. Your haiku is poignant and true.

  5. Mankind is fallible and our Creator is not. I really like your writing. Thank you!

  6. Very powerful writing.. nicely done sir..

    here's me this week:

  7. you poem expresses such powerful and excellent words. I do enjoy this so much

  8. A glowing ember that never was tentative can reach heights. Enjoyed reading this :)

  9. So good to read you, again, Ramesh. I've not been around for a time, and this was a terrific re-entry into your work. thank you!

  10. creative,

    you writing always amazes, keep inspiring.

  11. You are God's favorite son,

    love the title.

    superb piece of expression.

  12. I like both pieces, Ramesh. The haiku is powerful in its brevity of expression, and the longer poem is an encouraging reminder that we don't have to let others dampen our dreams. :)

  13. Excellent, great symmetry.