Friday, October 21, 2011

A Haiku From My Heart...for Haiku My Heart..

A Haiku Prompted by my Heart

My 2nd contribution based on
Some spontaneous thoughts ..

Stands so quiet and still
No Morning breeze to tease, old
Oak prays in silence

Truly inspired
I stand quiet and still and pray
Yet silence eludes..

RS :)


  1. "No morning breeze to tease" is a nice line and the old oak must be hundreds of years old standing all alone in deep thoughts!! Hard for us mortals to emulate that!!
    I have linked #2 at HMH RS!! and wish you and your family A very Happy Diwali!!

  2. You're right. Old oaks don't talk. They need more than a morning breeze to tease their deep thoughts. Wonderful!

  3. I am well acquainted with that elusive silence of which you write...

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