Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Kings Never Make Permanent Pets

Written for 3WW Prompts... Vulnerable, Inclined, Figment..

Kings Never Make Permanent Pets

I have many a bell
In my house
Always inclined to buy one
Loved belling the cats
Never thought of being
Vulnerable to any ploys
For I was lion's pet
Looking back, now
I realise that King's
Never make permanent pets
Situations make them choose
My  strength was actually
A figment of my imagination
It was my fault
Those whom I had taken
As Cats had slowly got
Transformed into Lion's cubs
New pets, and vulnerable me
Keep listening to the
Tinkling of bells I couldn't use...

RS : )


  1. Very well written
    my compliments :)

  2. BRavo I love the hidden meaning behind your words

  3. No one is indispensable and true that our strengths are sometimes a figment of our own imagination!! A great warning and advise against doing something, or being gullible.

  4. Interesting and unusual use of the three words...

  5. I hear the bells on the lions little ideas carried through the night..tumbling out in words in the morning..Jae