Monday, October 10, 2011

My Tears Flowing From Your Eyes..

Written for
One single Impression : River
The Gooseberry Garden Poetryweek # 8

My Tears Flowing From Your Eyes..

You fulfil my need
I feel enhanced with you
Yes, you are a friend...


Hey, I observe you
You are same with everyone
And I get my doubts


Gettimg together
Gossiping and laughing, hey,
That's not friendship, na..


So far away, yet
Being here in my space, with me,
My blogger friends those!


My laughter in your
Heart, my tears flowing from your
Eyes, truly a friend!

RS : )


  1. Loved the final one RS!! Tears of joy welling up and flowing, with good friends around there is so much caring sharing and fun!! Nice sentiments!!

  2. The realities in every day life RS...

    But isn't it nice that blogger-friends are miles away and yet any moment they are in your space? Just because they are your blogger friends...

  3. last one rings nice...

  4. each Haiku speaks a type, well plotted and written entry.

    long live, friendship.

  5. One who cares is a friend. Distance doesn't matter.

    This is a poem flowing from heart.

  6. you are so right it is truly a friend